Reflection is a big part of my artist practice. I continue to learn about and appreciate artists working around the world in the field of environmental art, and am constantly looking for ways to communicate this important work, as well as to connect it to educational and public settings. In several cases, making this connection has taken the form of books.

Articles and Essays

Reinventing in the Garden: This essay describes my artmaking process as it has evolved in recent years.

Paradigms on the Move: A review of a large eco art exhibit in Pittsburgh in 2005.

Reconsidering the River: A review of an exhibit at the Hudson River Museum that made connections between contemporary eco art works and the Hudson River School.

Problem Solving and Networking: Contemporary Ecological Art
How do we value our natural environment? How do we value the experience of that natural environment, and consequently, the artist’s response to natural, ecological, environmental experiences or predicaments? These questions are at the root of a complex web of discourse around how we view, value, manage, preserve and call attention to the place where we live. I wrote this essay in 2003 as I began to investigate the field of Eco Art

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Booklets available for purchase

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iconforgardenbookThe Garden, A Quiet Common Ground
A visual and poetic book project describing the value of a specific garden on Long Island, New York. The work was used to raise awareness about the future of this tract of land.

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Soft cover with photographs and vellum $30.00


iconforwalkinwoodsA Morning in the Woods: Moultonborough Readiness Class Visit
This booklet illustrates a making-art-in-nature experience shared by a group of 5 and 6 year olds in Fall 2006.

Soft cover booklet, 32pages $20.00


iconfortrailTrail System: Learning Along the Way
A visual description of an art/nature trail project that included reworking natural materials, providing information about each site, and an accompanying postcard series. The project highlights the process of reclamation, decomposition, and regeneration.

Soft cover booklet, 22 pages $20.00


iconforcompostIt’s All Compost
An exploration into the combination of compost works with reflections on metaphors they present.

“It’s warm, growing, ever-changing. It’s birth, death, and rebirth. It’s greens, browns, and every other color under the sun. It is home to insects, food for many, and the future blanket for seeds, plants, flowers, gardens. It celebrates both the concept of waste and the promise of possibility. It’s emerging terrain fueled by an endless variety of ingredients and combinations. It’s compost, and I see it everywhere in everything.”

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Soft cover booklet 17 pages $20.00


iconforstreamofcStream of Consciousness
A visual description of a high school project with water issues as its central theme.

22 pages hard cover, $40.00