During The River Is…project week, many artworks evolved, and the project lives on…

Evolving Artworks
One of the major goals for this project was to both model and provide hands-on experience in an eco art process. The observational drawing and related written reflections on the river became the raw material for developing several artworks. In sorting through the many ideas, we found some common threads, which we then worked in teams to illustrate. As different groups of girls arrived, the new teams would take the beginning artworks to the next level.
Throughout the week, I was also considering these concepts for my own work, and developed a series of artworks.

That consistent motion of the river inspired us. Always moving, heading to the sea, changing from ripples to waves and back again. This flow, like life, is a given…even though it might change from year to year, from season to season depending on the level of water in the river.

The river’s motion and sounds quieted us, giving us a soothing, calming feeling like a hug or a whisper.

Accepting that the flow changes…right around a corner, there are rocks…the current changes, the river must shift to confront and adapt to the changing situation. Like life, it is a choice to name these as “obstacles” or as “opportunities”.

The river connects- it is the spot where multiple animal, plan, insect habitats overlap. It is the thread through nature’s web. It is the vehicle or pathway to get from one place to another.

A current swirls sticks into action. Ripples in the water expand curves out to the wider river.

View Through
Windows to look at nature, to enjoy, to appreciate the many moods, colors, shapes, motions, sounds of the river.

Flow in Farmington
Inspired by the discussion of flow, I imagined this mixed media work that mashes together painting and sculpture.