A large part of my work is about connecting with
individuals and groups and working on projects together.

     8 Days of Weeks Collaboration- Summer 2011

crpreppingpanel238Summer 2011 was the summer of celebrating the 100th anniversary of The Weeks Act, which created, among other preserved areas, The White Mountain National Forest. I partnered with The Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire, appearing as a community artist at three locations in August.

tilesontopanel238Working with visitors and community members and using a grid-based process, I pulled together a mural work illustrating forest themes, ideas, experiences, and the face of John Weeks.

CRwithgroupweeks238Participants ranged from the youngest artists, 3-4 year olds to elementary school students, to adult and senior community members, and they created individual wooden tile works.

choosingmaterials238The process was a wonderful combination of discussion, experimentation, and collaboration, taking place in Lincoln, NH, in North Conway, NH, and at Weeks State Park in Lancaster, NH.

weekspanel&mtns238I took the three panels back to my studio, and completed the work. It is now installed at The White Mountain National Forest Headquarters in Campton, NH

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Project Home:

Stage One (2006) is part of a long term collaboration with Moultonborough Central School that is centered around the idea of creating a closer relationship between the indoor learning spaces and the outdoor local environment.

Stage Two of the project involved building an outdoor screened-in classroom.

Stage Three (2007 – 2009) is a planning stage for creating activities for students and teachers to use outdoor spaces as part of their curriculum.

Art & Nature with the Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire

In April, 2008, during the “Week of the Young Child”, I worked with the Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire and 11 preschool to 2nd grade groups, making art with nature. We were lucky to have the first beautiful week of a New Hampshire spring. The work was more than simply presenting a fun art/nature experience for young children. Together, teachers, parents, children, and I enjoyed being outside, using natural materials, and rediscovering our relationships to the natural world.

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Stream of Consciousness

I worked with a group of high school students on this project. They wanted to focus on the concept of water consumption and packaging. After much discussion, negotiation, drawing, redrawing, and building, we created a waterfall made from woven plastic water bottles. We also constructed signposts to lead our audience out to the waterfall site, highlighting issues around water.

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