I connect to the world in a visual way, and found very early in life, that art could provide a vocabulary and a vehicle for self- expression that enriched my educational and personal development. Along the way, I developed an interest in connecting critical thinking, art theory, and painting.

I was a painter for over 20 years, with my work mostly taking the form of large abstractions based in landscape. Even as I worked to refine my art practice, I found that communicating and sharing the art process was equally important to me. I looked for ways of enabling the arts experience, which resulted in both teaching and program development.

I am interested in all formats for art education, believing in the arts as an important part of the educational process and the job of inspiring young minds. I have taught in many locations and situations for more than 20 years. This connection has been strengthened over time, as I’ve watched my children find their own anchors to education through the arts.

In order to create places where arts education and experiences can take place, I developed an interest and ability in arts program design and administration. Often my role as artist, educator, and arts administrator overlap, and I have done this in several types of situations.

I completed my MFA degree in 2005, where I developed a new artistic premise and body of work based in community collaboration and environmental issues. Through the program, I made strong alliances and connections with national and international artists who work along similar lines under the heading, Eco art.

My art practice now includes digital photography, sculpture, natural materials, text, research, as well as drawing and painting. My current work addresses themes such as garden, global warming, the intersection of culture and landscape, compost, recycled materials, dump/scrap heap sites, and wild vs. tamed spaces.