Artist Statement

Digging into landscape

Investigating environmental ingredients

Connecting to local histories and current interactions

Uncovering a rich soil for dialogue

Believing in the power of art and building community through collaborations, I work with a most basic concept of placing value on the natural landscape, developing an art practice that is based in dialogue and social interaction, balancing philosophical theories with physical intervention and education.

Considering local issues within the context of global culture, I offer alternative outlooks on these issues. I want to use my artwork as an agent for ecological change. Using gardens, trails, and public common spaces as sites and as metaphors, I consider landscapes as a form of cultural compost. The physical setting is where the resident culture’s histories, belief systems, and social activities combine with geographical and environmental ingredients to form a rich soil specific to the location and time period.

My goal is to deepen the connection between people and the natural world through understanding, compassion, and action.

The products of these concepts are made using natural and recycled materials, poetry, narrative text, mapping, drawing, painting, video, photography, collaborative actions, negotiation, and community planning. I consider the inter-personal work just as active an ingredient to the art making as pencils or paint.