MES Mural Project Year 7 begins!

Getting ready for an action packed few days with Moultonborough Central School. This is year seven for the mural project. It’s a cool concept: there are 7 panels, one for each grade (K-6), and each year students add something new to their panel, which moves up one spot on the cafeteria wall. The theme is Moultonborough’s Natural Environment, and teachers at each grade level have determined the environmental concepts that connect to classroom studies. Kindergarten thinks about trees, first grade studies insects, second grade considers clouds, third grade digs into endangered species. Fourth grade connects their drawings to their hiking field trips, creating tracks and trails, 5th grade focuses on the first settlers in the area, drawing their first buildings and tools. prep paintingSixth grade pulls the concepts together to create messages that highlight what makes Moultonborough a special place.
Today’s job was to get the Kindergarten panel ready. Those students will be drawing trees, which we’ll add into a basic background.

“I Believe” exhibit at New Hampton School

This piece, “Tension in the Meadow” is on view at The New Hampton School’s Art Gallery.

Tension in the Meadow
Vigilance, problem solving, creativity: I am interested in breaking down the accepted frame, re-contextualizing the view. Even in our most beautiful landscapes, vacation destinations, seemingly peaceful settings, there are murmurings and groans from a weary earth.
We are tied to this ground, and we must participate in cultivating its healing, and nurturing a healthier human/nature coexistence.
tension in the meadow

Tell Me a Story

I was lucky enough to have a piece, “Ghosts in the Trees” accepted into the Women’s Caucus for Art NH exhibit, “Tell Me a Story” exhibit, held at the Jaffrey Civic Center. My piece won 2nd prize! What an honor. It was a wonderful exhibit!tell me a story

award winning

Skin Deep

Portable Forest: SKIN DEEP
skin deep detail

skin deep
Rained last night
Cool and bright this morning
Dampness brought out the red efts; helped 9 cross road
Distinct smell of green- recently chewed leaves
I come upon the brilliant, white, enormous birch, now resting on the wet brown-ness
Yesterday, I had admired its soaring heights, its strength of purpose and design
What stories have been protected, hidden, under that white armor?
I missed the hints, warning signs, changes
Beautiful mask